187 Elbow Pads

  • 187 Elbow pads are designed to fit your arms... Not 2x4's. 187 Killer Elbow Pads have a tapered finish and streamlined design to reduce bulk.  Double stitching for durabilty and interior foam for comfort.

  • 187 Killer Pads Pro Elbow Pads are designed to give you maximum protection while keeping you comfortable and mobile. With the arched shape that follows the arms bend, you get more natural movement. Superior foams and sized progressed caps extend the area of protection lower on the elbow than a traditional design. 

  • 187 Killer Pads Slim Elbow Pads are designed to keep you protected while limiting the bulk on your arms. With the slim, arched anatomical shape, the pad cradles your elbow joint for a comfortable, protective fit. The seamless interior and single strap closure add comfort and reduce slipping!

187 Knee Pads and Gaskets

  • The 187 Fly Knee Pad is their slimmest, most versatile knee pad and has become a proven option for safety and protection. The pad has a contoured design that hugs the knee, while its streamlined shape increases mobility. Size-specific knee caps keep close contact with the pad, further reducing bulk.

  • The 187 Killer Pads murders the competition with a revolutionary Lock-In Replaceable Cap System. These are high end pads for high end protection. 3-panel construction with dual density interior foam enables them to absorb hard impacts while still being light in weight with Dry-Fast interior lining.

    Colors: 2

187 Wrist Guards

  • 187 Killer Pads brings us these wrist guards which look and feel great. Extra thick splint protection concentrated at the base of the hand whre most impacts occur.

  • The 187 Derby Wrist Guard is designed with roller derby in mind. Many exceptional features have been developed to keep the athlete well protected and less restricted. The contoured protective plate covers a wide area of the palm and wrist, but the pad also allows for unrestricted movement and a more natural feel.

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