Bauer RBE I Visor Clear
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The Bauer RBE I half visor is made from high-impact injected Polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating on both sides.  The RBE has a longer design then some visor, 4" at the tallest point which offers some additional protection.
  • Model Number: 1035797
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most certified hockey helmets.
  • Measurements: 4" at the tallest point and 3" in middle
  • Construction:
    • Aviator-cut lense
    • Side Slots for Optimal Fit on Helmet
  • Protection:
    • Visor height - 4" at the tallest point and 3" in middle
    • CSA, CE Certified
  • Vision:
    • Anti-scratch Coating on Both Sides
  • Mounting hardware and spacers included



Comments: I wanted to like this shield, after all the good reviews, but I really can't recommend it. Firstly, it really doesn't work with my CCM helmet- took forever to get even close to the correct angle and even then it shifted during play. Also it fogged up like crazy 10 min into the first game playing with it. Honestly I hate to write bad reviews, but what a let down...
From: Nigel, Oakland

Comments: Great basic shield and lightweight. Resists fog for the first few hours of use but after that, you need to keep using anti-fog on it.
From: Korey, Middletown, Ohio

Comments: Good, basic shield, perfect for beer league/pickup hockey (or the Lingigie Football League, apparently). I've bought a few of these visors over the years and I like that they're inexpensive yet do the job and look cool (in my opinion). A dash of liquid soap buffed out with a towel will keep it from fogging up. I like how the visor is longer than other (more expensive) visors, so you do get some protection from a high stick or puck. A fist, might be on your own with that one!
From: Jim

Comments: I've used the non-certified RBE visors for beer league, and I liked those a lot. So when the certified model came out, I decided to get one as well. The certified model is longer by about a half inch compared to the non- certified model, which is fine by me as I rock this shield strictly because it is more protective. Warning: It will fog up more than the non-certified, or probably any half shield in the market. So make sure to use a drop of liquid soap and buff it out pre-game, and you should be good to go. Don't even bother with anti-fog spray, I tried Hockey Spit on the visor and it still fogged up big time. It's all about the film that develops to prevent the fog from "staying" that happens when you use the liquid soap method. Awright, enough about liquid soap, I feel like a commercial. But short story long...if you play beer league and don't want to break bank but want a decent, protective visor, then check this one out. Oh...and get some liquid soap. OHH!!
From:  Jim, Somerville, MA USA

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