Bionic Accessories

  • Bionic Axle Lock Nuts are 1/2" nylon nuts with a small bearing shield designed to prevent damage to your bearing shields regardless of which tool you use to change wheels. Superior strength and ultra-lightweight, plus you can accessorize accordingly with 6 colors!

    Colors: 6
  • The Luigino Barefoot Booties are a good addition to any skate bag and will improve overall comfort while skating.

  • High-performance oil formulated especially for skate bearings. Begins protecting and lubricating right away with very little break-in time and will help prolong the life of a bearing.

    Why We Love It: Bearings need lubrication to function properly and we prefer Bionic for the simple reason that it spins into the bearing quickly and effectively.

    MSRP: $6.00, You Save $3.93 (66%)

  • Bionic Bearing Cleaner is recommended for use on all types of skate bearings. Regular use of Bionic Bearing Cleaner can improve performance and increase bearing longevity. Environmentally safe.

  • A fast and efficient way to clean your bearings, the Bionic Bearing Wash contains everything you need to get your bearings rolling again! The handy washing system fits a full set of bearings, wether they are 8 or 7mm! Comes pre-filled with Bionic Bearing Cleaner, a bearing safe cleaning solution specially designed for skate bearings. 

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