Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Toe Stops (Pair)
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The Bionic Bigfoot Stopper puts a priority on performance like never before. The huge 59mm footprint has superior grip & rebound with a unique cut that ensures wheels up to 66mm in diameter will never rub! The bottom is pre-angled so there is no break-in period; 30mm stem fits standard 5/8" threads.

  • Shape
    • Profile: Flat / Angled
    • Face: Round with cut aways
  • Footprint: Small - Medium - Large
  • Stem Length: 30mm
  • Density: Soft - Moderate - Hard


• 59mm footprint
• Angled to prevent wheels from touching (guaranteed up to 66mm)
• Pre-angled bottom (zero break-in period)
• 30mm stem
• 5/8” Stem 
• American Standard Thread

Comments: I'm currently using this stops and I absolutely love them. Since I'm lightweight (120 lbs), I usually have problems with toe stops that don't have enough grip to properly grab me to the floor when I stop, so I usually tend to finish stopping 10 feet further than planned. With the X-Grip version of the Bigfoots my stops are quick and effective. Plus, when I jam (Roller Derby) I like to juke in my toe stops, and these give me a bigger surface and stability, and my ankles don't hurt after a lot of toe stop footwork. Note: if you're looking for lightweight stops, or outdoor abrasive-resistant stops this are NOT the stops for you. They're quite big so they're heavier than regular stops, and they're really soft for better grip, so they tend to wear out faster in rough floors.
From:  Ana; Uruguay

Comments:  I like these stops a lot, but they do not last very long at all. I'm on my second set - the first showed big obvious crack across them after a little over a month, no more than two. They never actually broke through on me because I switched to some backups until I got a new set. I've had my new ones just about a month - one of them has a big obvious crack on the bottom. Both sets have been the "Grip" style, and the "X-Grip" specifically comes with a warning label that they will wear down quicker than normal stops. As for performance - these are awesome! On good wood floors, the stopping power is fantastic, and the surface is so big that you can practically live up on these. I like how they work so much that I'm considering just living with replacing them once a month forever. The only negative on performance is that they don't stop amazingly on sport court - not sure why exactly, but I'm theorizing that it's because of the wide surface not getting a chance to dig in like the edges on a smaller stop would, but hard to say. For wood floors, these things are killer!
From: Josh, Dallas

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