Roller Derby Basics

A bout is sixty (60) minutes of play divided into two periods of thirty (30) minutes. The team with the most point at the end wins.

Play (the first jam) begins when the Official signals with a long whistle blast. Each period will have multiple jams that last up to 2 minutes each, with 30 seconds between Jams. Each team puts forth 4 Blockers and 1 jammer into play. Jammers wear an identifiable helmet cover with a star on each side so they may be spotted easily.

1. First whistle starts the blockers (one long blast). Four Blockers from each team take off from the start line.

2. Second whistle starts the Jammers (two rapid blasts). Once Blockers are out about 20 feet, two rapid whistle blows signal the Jammers it is time to go. One from each team.

3. Jammers make their way around the track once, approaching the pack again.

4. As the Jammers approach the Pack, they get ready to score. Both Jammers attempt to make their way past the blockers. The first on through is designated the Lead Jammer and signified with the third whistle (two rapid whistle blasts). Fourth whistle signifies the Jam is over (four rapid whistle blasts). The Lead Jammer is the only skater who can signal the end of a Jam prior to the expiration of 2 minutes. She may do so at any time after establishing herself as Lead Jammer by repeatedly placing her hands on her hips. The Official will blow four rapid whistle blasts to end the Jam.

Basic Scoring

Only Jammers can score point. After clearing the pack the first time, Jammers score point by passing Blockers on subsequent laps. Jammers get on point per opposing Blocker passed. The Jam continues until 2 minutes have expired or the lead jammer strategically signals an end to the Jam by placing hands on hips.

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