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The Hang Your Gear Sport Gear Dryer is designed to hang-dry your hockey gear without taking up a lot of space.  This hockey gear hanger utilizes 10 adjustable, mildew-resistant straps, so that you can arrange the positions of the equipment and efficiently air-dry all pads. The injection molded plastic hanger measures 22-inches wide, which accommodates the gear of even the largest players. The hook is constructed of powder-coated steel and swivels a full 360 degrees to hang on nearly anything, indoors or outdoors.

The 10 straps are laid out similar to the gear’s placement on the body. The long straps are perfect for hanging shin guards, while the two red straps can attach to hockey pants. The final few straps can fasten elbow pads, gloves, socks, or any accessory that needs drying. On the sides of the hanger, there are hooks designed to hold hockey skates by their laces. Simply throw the the shoulder pads over the plastic hanger and your gear is set to dry. Ensure that the weight is distributed equally and the hanger is secured on a sturdy structure. The system also works for goalie equipment, except for the leg pads. 

*Does not include hockey equipment.

  • Includes: 1-Hanger with 10 Adjustable Polypropylene Straps
  • Measurements: 4.5'' x 22'' L x 2.5'' W

Height Measured from the base of the center to the base of the hook

Comments: Been looking for something like this. Perfect for hanging out gear. I find using 4 straps to hold the ice pants work better especially post play when pants are wet. The clips could be stronger but I haven't had any issues with equipment falling off. Maybe if it was out in the wind? It has a place to hang your skates but doesn't work with shoulder pads on the hanger. Overall I'm happy with the purchase and would buy these for friends.
From: Dash, CA

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