Luigino Aqua Tech Quad Heat Molding Bag (Single)
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Lose a Luigino Aqua Tech Quad Heat Molding Bag for your derby skate or boot? These are replacements that are the same as the ones that came with them. Full quad heat molding instructions can be found on the front of the bag!

  • Price is Per Bag
  • Luigino's warranty requires the use of two bags when heat molding, if you don't have any you need to buy TWO!
  • See 'Specs' tab for copy of instructions

1. Locate a large pot with lid (approximately 12 qt) that fits ONE boot/skate at a time.


2. Locate your Aqua bags (2), provided with purchase of all Luigino quad boots - (also sold separately)

A. TO REMAIN UNDER WARRANTY - ALL MOLDINGS MUST BE DOUBLE BAGGED - If you do not have two bags contact Nistevo immediately or see your local dealer.

3. Fill pot 1/3 full, do not overfill. It is the steam that does the magic.

4. Bring water to a full boil.

5. Prep the boot, open laces from the toe up - making it easy to put foot inside, push tongue into the boot, open Velcro strap.

6. Place one into the bag HEEL first.

7. Place the boot & bag into the boiling water with the open end of the bag hanging over the edge - put the lid on the pot to hold and seal the bag during the molding process. the boot will not fully submerge under water. Secure the lid and patiently allow the steam to work its magic!

8. Leave boot in the water for a minimum of 7 minutes. (Do not stress, hot water will not damage your boots if you leave it longer.)

9. Remove the boot & bag being careful of the steam when removing the lid.

10. Remove the boot from the bag (DO NOT TOUCH THE METAL PIECES); be sure the tongue is positioned in the center of the foot to protect your foot from touching the hot eyelets.

11. Sitting on a chair, carefully place the heated boot on your foot. Keep in mind the upper materials are hot therefore, very pliable and conforming.

12. With your foot in the boot, tie it snug from bottom to top (LACES ARE WAXED AND STIFF BUT WILL BECOME SOFTER AFTER USE). Laces NEED TO BE TIGHT which will ensure a good mold/copy of your foot. (Note: DO NOT SKIP ANY EYELETS FOR THE MOLDING PROCESS.)

13. Still seated, position your foot under your knee, thighs parallel to the ground creating approximately 90 degree bend and hold that position for approximately 15 minutes. (Be sure your leg, foot and hip are even to ensure the shoe is being molded properly around the ankles, tendon and instep.

A. Do NOT stand up during the molding process. The Aqua material is soft and needs to set on your foot before moving around.

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