Starter Packages

Junior Helmets + Help
Hockey helmets like the IMS 5.0 are certified to protect you after multiple major impacts. Helmets like the Triple 8 are super comfortable and protective for multiple falls and bumps but should be replaced after every major impact.
Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmets
Triple 8 Brainsaver Helmet
Junior Mouthguards + Help
Both of these mouthguards are heat moldable and protective. The Shock Doctor Pro offers an econmical option and the SISU is the most popular derby mouthguard due to it's low profile and comfort.
Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguards
Junior Elbow Pads + Help
Triple 8 and 187 are two of the most popular brands in derby. The EP 55 option will provide a larger cap while the Killer Pad relies more on it's padding for protection.
Triple 8 EP55 Elbow Pads
187 Killer Elbow Pads
Junior Wrist Guards + Help
Both of these wrist guards are butterfly style to provide easy on/off for new skaters. The Triple 8 is more breathable but the 187 is more durable.
Triple 8 Wristsaver
187 Killer Wrist Guards
Junior Knee Pads + Help
One of the most important assests in Derby is good knee pads. The 187 is considered the base model in derby wheras the Smith option has the padding you'd expect from a higher quality adult pad!
187 Killer Fly Knee Pads
Smith Junior Derby Knee Pads
Junior Skates + Help
Both the Vibe and DBX J are designed with junior derby in mind. The Vibe is more ecconomical and great quality while the DBX J is adjustable for growing players.
Jackson Vibe Snap Skates
Junior Add-Ons + Help
These items are not required by most leagues but they will help you out! Additional protective items are good for recruits who since they will be spending time meeting the floor and tools and skate accessories will help keep your gear in tip-top shape!
Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Toe Stops (Pair)
Bones Bearing Tool
PowerDyne Y3 Skate Tool
Sure-Grip Toe Jammers (Pair)
Triple 8 Roller Derby Bumsaver Hip Pads
Riedell Bottom Load Backpack
Luigino Atom Trolley Bag
Beek's Reek Out Pro Odor Eliminator Spray 32 oz
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