Radar Speed Ray Wheels 4pk
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Radar Speed Ray Wheels have solid aluminum hubs that transfer all of the power from every stride, minimizing your wasted energy. The hub is a single piece of finely machined aircraft-grade aluminum and is hand polished for a sleek sheen. A high performance urethane blend provides solid grip in four different durometers and two widths - one with a small square lip for maneuverability and a wider variety with a large tapered lip for extra bite and control!

  • Price is for 4 Wheels
  • Hub: Single-Piece Machined Aluminum
  • Size / Edge
    • 62 x 38mm / 2mm Squared
    • 62 x 43mm / 5mm Tapered
  • Hardnesses: 90A, 92A, 94A, 96A

Hub: Single-Pieced Machined Aluminium

Size / Edge:
   62 x 38mm / 2mm Squared
   62 x 44mm / 5mm Tapered

90A (38mm - Blue, 43mm - Red)
   92A (38mm - Black, 43mm - Orange)
   94A (38mm - Purple, 43mm - Turquoise)
   96A (38mm - Green, 43mm - Grey) 

Formula: High Quality Urethane 

Weight (Based on one 62x38mm wheel): TBD

Manufacturer Warranty: 
   Guaranteed free of defect for 90 days from date of purchase.

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62 x 38mm Blue 1
62 x 43mm Red 2


62 x 38mm Black 1
62 x 43mm Orange2+


62 x 38mm Purple 8 Days
62 x 43mm Turquoise 2+


62 x 38mm Green 2+
62 x 43mm Grey 2+
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Radar Wheels

    • Hub: Single-Piece Machined Aluminum
    • Sizes: 62x38mm, 62x43mm
    • Hardnesses: 90A, 92A, 94A, 96A

    High-performance urethane blend coupled with a single-piece, precision-machined aluminum hub. Slim and wide variations offer two distinct lips for sharp maneuvers vs extended control. Powerful, fast wheel with excellent roll.

    Colors: 4
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon with Cap
    • Sizes: 59x38mm, 62x38mm, 62x44mm
    • Hardnesses: 88A, 91A, 93A, 95A, 97A, 99A

    Unique 2-piece core keeps Prestos feather light while providing plenty of support to the tire. A wide array of size and hardness variations makes it one of tje easiest wheels to find the 'sweet spot' between grip and slide. Perfect for emphasis on powerful, controlled stops.

    Colors: 6
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Sizes: 59x38mm
    • Hardnesses: 86A, 88A, 91A, 93A, 95A, 97A

    Why we love it: We are still in love with the Presto urethane, which the Halo gives you on a thinner tire with a drop center hub. The result is the same reliable control and slide topped off with more precise edging ability.

    MSRP: $49.00, You Save $10.03 (20%)

    Colors: 6
    • Hub: Single-Piece Machined Aluminum
    • Sizes: 62x31mm
    • Hardnesses: 90A, 92A, 94A, 96A 

    Radar Diamond Wheels have a 31mm width that work with the alloy hub to emphasizes agility & minimize wheel clipping. Diamonds really are a derby girl's best friend!

    Colors: 2
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon w/ Cap
    • Sizes: 62x37mm
    • Hardnesses: 92A, 94A, 96A

    Created for performance on sport tile surfaces but also excels on coated rink floors and banked tracks. Extremely lightweight with a hollow care and a narrow tire that further emphasizes mobility and agility.

    Colors: 2
    • Hub: Spoked Urethane
    • Sizes: 59x38mm, 59x43mm
    • Hardness: 84A

    High performance hybrid wheel with intense grip and lots of roll thanks to the supportive fins of the Shark Hub. Great for slick indoor surfaces, Villains provide more response and control than your average hybrids.

    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Size: 62x43mm
    • Hardness: 95A

    Improved urethane formula to replace the old Demon model, now discontinued. Black 12 Hole hub provides a nice smooth ride, best for recreational and rink skating on indoor surfaces that provide a lot of natural grip.

    Colors: 8
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Size: 62x43mm
    • Hardnesses: 95A

    Sonar Patriot Wheels are for skaters looking for great speed to help them show off for the Red, White and Blue. Designed for hitting the rink and showing off for the U S of A. 


    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Size: 62x38mm
    • Hardness: 84A

    Affordable hybrid wheel that provides extra grip at a bargain price. Suggested for the slickest of indoor surfaces, Bracers are also well suited for use outdoors thanks to the thick, soft tire and rounded lip. 

    Colors: 1
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