Stable 26 Custom Fit Hockey Skate Socks
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The Stable 26 Black Custom Fit Hockey Skate Socks are a great way to get a tailor-made fit for your hockey skates. Even with heat-moldable quarter packages that skates have these days have, no one can ever truly get a perfectly fitting boot for their uniquely shaped foot. These Stable 26 Hockey Socks are designed to give you the next best possible fit for ultimate performance and comfort.

An improperly fitting heel-pocket results in painful blisters and decreases the overall level of performance a skate can offer. The Stable 26 Socks have interchangeable silicone inserts on both sides of the heel that vary in thickness, allowing players to customize their socks to suit their individual needs. They come with 2mm inserts on the inside heel pockets and 4mm inserts on the outer heel pockets, which is what the majority of skaters will need. Stable 26 does sell thicker inserts individually, which are available here for purchase. 

These socks are outfitted with very soft, yet breathable nylon for top-notch comfort. Inside the box, it comes with detailed instructions on how to get the best personalized fit and a washable mesh laundry bag so you can always keep your Stable 26's together, even in the wash (they're air dry only though). 

  • Fit Guidelines:
    • Height: Over-calf
    • Thickness: Thin
  • Stable 26 Sizing Guidelines:
    Sock Size / Men's Shoe Size
    XS / 3 - 6 (JR)
    SM / 6 - 7.5 (SR)
    MD / 8 - 9.5 (SR)
    LG / 10 - 12 (SR)
    XL / 12.5 - 15 (SR) 
  • Includes:
    • 1 - Pair of Stable 26 Socks
    • 2 - 2mm Silicone Inserts
    • 2 - 4mm Silicone Inserts
    • 1 - Washable Laundry Bag
  • Fabric
    • 100% Nylon
    • 100% Perforated Silicone Heel Inserts
  • Details
    • Thin sock with with silicone heel inserts to fill the negative space and enhance the overall fit of your skates
    • Silicone pads that fit in the heel pockets come in different sizes for a customized fit
    • Mesh zone on the top of the foot for solid air circulation
    • Seamless toe for a great fit with minimal friction
    • Ribbed calf cuff holds socks in place
  • Silicone Insert Color Chart
    • Sock Size / Insert Color
      XS = Yellow
      SM = Blue
      MD = Green
      LG = Orange
      XL = Red

Comments: Purchased the socks to help make my heel a little more snug. The socks did just that. Only after about 10 skates with socks they started to fall apart. The materiel that held the inserts in the Socks fell off and the green inserts fell out. Very unhappy with the quality of the material. I expected the socks to hold up much better but the glue or adhesive they used disintegrated.
From: Andrew

Comments: Love these socks. I had a pretty bad Bauer bump to my left heel that only got worse once I added another night of hockey a week. I tried blister pads, moleskin, and corn pads to help with the pain I would get with each stride. I almost went to the point of getting the pro shop to punch the heel out to deal with the pain- then I found out about these socks. Not only are they super comfortable and their long length helps to wick away sweat from the shinpads, but my Bauer bump is gone! The little gel pads that are removable help to create a custom feel depending on how much room is in the heel. Being a female, I found there was excess space in the heel of my boot even after being baked and now there is no dead space and I can skate pain free! I found the sock to be on the thinner side of socks but very comfortable to wear- and I love the fact that it comes with a mesh bag that you throw the socks in and then throw it in the laundry! Thanks Stable for making a great product!
From: Gen, Santa Barbara, CA

Comments: Just tried these out and I am convinced that these are the solution to any negative space issues that you have with your skate boot.
From: Derek, OK

Comments: Comfortable socks and the gel inserts are great. Really gotta play around with the
combinations in order to get these dialed in, but once you do, they're great. Sock is about a
mid-thickness sock.
From: Anonymous

Comments: I had a pair of skates that had a little bit of extra room in the heel. Never really thought there was anything I could do to improve it... The Stable 26 socks filled up the negative space and provided better feel and power transfer. Because of the socks, I am now able to make sharper turns and quicker stops with these skates. 
From: Chris, CA

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XS 2+
SM 2
MD 2+
LG 2+
XL 2


XS 2
SM 2+
MD 2+
LG 2
XL 2
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