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The Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium plate series was created in response to the demand for stronger and lighter products for speed skating and roller derby. Using a high tech computer program, Sure-Grip designed every inch of the Avenger to have a purpose - thickness, heights, lengths, angles, and material were all chosen for their unique properties. The Avenger plate features some never before seen design elements, including a magnesium alloy that is 15% lighter than the Avenger Aluminum.

  • See "Specs" Tab for More Details
  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive - Elite
  • Sizing Guidelines: See “Plate Sizing Chart“ below.
  • Hardware Included:
    • Axle nuts
    • Mounting bolts & nuts
  • Magnesium alloy baseplate
  • 33 degree hollow kingpin
  • Hollow body design
  • Shortened front end
  • DA45 trucks
  • Adjustable pivot arms
  • 3/16" hex lock screw
  • Carrera toe stop

Comments: I switched from an extremely old version of the avenger to this plate. I am really happy with the change. The plate responds great to foot pressure and seems to hold up well to my hard playing style. I don't mind the weight and even think they are lighter than the old school avengers. 
From: Aubrey; Boston, Massachusettes

Comments: After a ton of research I decided that I wanted these plates. I am very happy with my choice. I had good plates but I wanted something that would help with agility and these seem to be doing just that. I had them mounted normally not a short forward and I like them that way. I was worried because of the degree of the plate that I would have a hard time adjusting but it only took one practice to get used to them. 
From: Christy; Plymouth, Michigan

Comments: I love my avengers. My ability to cut and maneuver with speed and precision has doubled since purchasing these plates for roller derby. It's amazing how light my skates are now I fully intend to purchase these plates for my next pair of boots. The 45 degree angle is amazing you won't ever want to back to a 10 degree angle and it's half the price and half the weight of some of the top of the line aluminum plates. A few downsides include:Toe stop adjustment: since magnesium is so soft it is easy to strip the toe stop insert. With the 45 degree angle your calves and shins will be a little soar your first few times skating, but they will get stronger and since when have derby girls shyed away from a little pain.
From: Columbia, South Carolina

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Sure-Grip Plates

  • The Avanti Magnesium is the next generation of plate design by Sure-Grip. 10° double action trucks feature adjustable pivots and a sleek powder coated finish, same as the plate. The magnesium alloy plate saves roughly 48% in weight over the aluminum version and comes complete with mounting hardware.

  • The Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium is a light weight skate plate that utilizes the 45 degree kingpin design that was pioneered more than 20 years ago. Super agile, super light...super plate. The magnesium series is 15% lighter than its aluminum counterpart and 25% lighter than its predecessor, the Invader!

  • The Sure-Grip Century Plate is an aluminum plate designed to be strong & agile; a perfect plate for beginners that are accustomed to a standard 10-degree double action skate. This model comes with an offset toe stop design which allows the skater to push off with more efficiency & consistency than with a standard straight design. Also available is the Century NTS (No Toe Stop) version.

  • The Sure-Grip Avenger Aluminum is a light weight skate plate that utilizes the 45-degree kingpin design that was pioneered more than 20 years ago. Super agile, super light...super plate. The aluminum series is 12% lighter than its predecessor, the Invader.

  • The Sure-Grip Avanti Aluminum Plate is a 10° double-action plate built to last. This model offers a sleek polished finish and includes fixed pivot aluminum trucks (8mm), black anodized axle nuts, 85A Super Cushions, a Carrera toe stop, basic tools, and even mounting hardware!

  • The Sure-Grip Century NTS Plate is a specially designed "No Toe Stop" model of the aluminum Century plate. A great beginner plate with 10-degree double action steel kingpins, Century Plates come standard with high-quality urethane cushions. Plus, the NTS design dramatically reduces weight & cost!

  • Sure Grip Grind blocks are specially designed to fit the Avenger and Avanti plates for those skaters looking to enter the skate park scene! These hard, durable blocks are designed to help you achieve a similar feel to the traditional aggressive skate soul plate without having to hang up your quads. These will allow you to grind smoothly without putting extra wear on your baseplates!

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