Sure-Grip Shock Stops (Pair)
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The Sure-Grip Shock Stop is a high performance toe stop made for roller derby that has an exciting never-before-seen rubber compound that is highly durable and grips well on all surfaces. These long-lasting stops are lightweight (thanks to a hollow stem) and highly abrasion resistant, even outdoors! The ultra-large flat surface gives skaters extra stability & control when up on their stops and is littered with holes that provide extra bounce for jumping & quick starts. 

  • Shape
    • Profile: Flat
    • Face: Round
  • Footprint: Small - Medium - Large
  • Stem Length: Hollow 20mm or 25mm
  • Density: Soft - Moderate - Hard
   Rubber Compound
   55mm Footprint
   Flat Profile

   20mm or 25mm Lengths  
   Imperial Threads

   78g per Toe Stop

Comments: Sure-Grip Shock Stops packaging claims short and long stems are available options. I ordered these to give them a chance however there was no option for long or short stem at the time of purchase. I have been shipped long stems and these will not fit my setup. Hopefully both stems will become available for future orders. The extremely durable new rubber compound is pretty amazing. In hand they feel durable (tough/hard) yet they have great grip on different surfaces. I have a friend with a different set of plates and she purchased these recently on my recommendation. She has been using them on two outdoor rinks (two types of concrete). They seem like they will hold up the task longer than some other popular stops (gumballs). I bought these to compare against my favorite toe stops (Crazy Skates - Big Blocs). I really wish I had noticed the stems where long. I'm going to try and have them shortened.

From: Gored N' Skatefoot #9 - Connecticut Men's Roller Derby

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25mm Stem2+
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