Crash Pads Hip Pads

  • The Crash Pad 2500 Padded Shorts have a long tail shield that makes them great for use in extreme sports whether it roller derby, inline skating, hockey, BMX, skiing, snowboarding, etc...   A non-restrictive design with a plastic and foam tail shield for maximum tailbone coverage.

  • The Crash Pad 2600 padded shorts provide protection to the side hip, side leg, hip pointer and tailbone. Designed to be able to fit under other clothes, but able to be worn on their own. Different than the 2000, these are a little longer and feature 'Dry-Power' fabric to wick moisture away. Great for skating, snowboarding, derby, BMX, soccer, martial arts, etc..

  • Crash Pads 2700 padded shorts are low profile protection at its finest. Perfect for those skaters not looking to be constricted by bulky or rigid padding, these padded shorts have a short leg and low hip fit! Add confidence to your game with Crash Pads!

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