S-One Helmet Company in an independently owned and operated global helmet brand rooted in California's rich skate culture that includes skateboarding, longboarding, and now roller derby. Their renowned position in the helmet industry has been well-earned by their continued commitment to elevating the safety, style, and quality of their products, especially the very popular Lifer Helmets.

Team S-One Includes: Denver Roller Derby - Mile High Club, Rose City Rollers - Wheels of Justice, Angel City Derby Girls, Sacred City Derby Girls, Texas Rollergirls, London Rollergirls, LA Derby Dolls and more!

S-One Skate Helmets

    • Size Range: 18.5" - 20.5"
    • Certified

    Those with small heads are not forgotten with the S-One Mini Lifer Skate Helmet. Great for little rippers with smaller heads, it uses a smaller mold and shorter straps than the Lifer, but with the same high-impact EPS Foam Liner for maximum protection against big falls and multiple collisions.

    Colors: 2
    • Size Range: 20.5" - 23.5"
    • Certified

    High impact EPS foam provides safety and protection through multiple impacts without sacrificing a comfortable and well-ventilated feel thanks to the soft foam liner and circular vents. Available in many colors, this is a great helmet for all types of skating!

    Colors: 12
    • Size Range: 22.5" - 25.5"
    • Certified

    Like the Lifer, but BIGGER! The Mega Lifer is for those of you with big heads or big hair. All Mega Lifer helmet shells will fit larger heads, with the liner being the determining factor on size. This means if your helmet happens to be out of stock, we can swap the liners out of another size and you'll end up with the right helmet without having to wait!

    Colors: 2
    • Size Range: 21.1" - 23"
    • Certified

    The S-One Lifer Visor Helmet takes the popular Lifer design and adds a visor to help protect your face! Designed specifically for roller derby to allow skaters to use a visor safely without being forced into a hockey helmet. Circular air vents, high impact EPS foam and the optically correct visor make this helmet lightweight, comfortable and SAFE! This Generation 2 version allows for removing/replacing visor.

    Colors: 5
  • Soft foam liners that fit any S-One Lifer or Mega Lifer helmet shell to either change the size of the helmet, or simply replace to feel and smell like new again.  Features an anti-microbial coat as well as moister wicking technologies to soak up sweat and keep you cool!


    Colors: 7
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