Pilot F16 Falcon Plus 2.0 Plates
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The Pilot F16 Falcon Plus 2.0 plate features a unique 16 degree alloy kingpin and two-piece forged aluminum trucks - both designed to increase maneuverability without sacrificing stability. The plate is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum - extremely lightweight but still rigid for maximum power transfer. Adjustable pivots and a micro-adjustable lock nut on the kingpin add even more adaptability to an already heavily customizable plate! Comes standard with Bionic urethane bushings and a Super Stopper toe stop.

  • See "Specs" Tab for More Details
  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive - Elite
  • Sizing Guidelines: See “Plate Sizing Chart“ below.
    • Sizes below are the distance between axles, also known as the wheelbase. Size 625 equates to a wheelbase of 6.25".
  • Hardware Included:
    • Axle nuts
    • Mounting bolts & nuts

   6061 T1 Aircraft Aluminum 
   CNC milled construction   

   7075 forged aluminum
   8mm threaded axles
   One-piece delrin pivot cup inserts

   16 degree action
   Alloy kingpins 
   Micro-adjustable clicking lock nut

   Interlocking Bionic Cushions
      Medium (Red) come stock

Toe Stop Housing:
5/8" Adjustable housing
   5mm hex set screw
   Bionic Super Stopper included 

Weight (Based on assembled size 7): 428g

Manufacturer Warranty: 
   Baseplate and PLUS trucks guaranteed to be free of defects for the life of the product.

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Pilot Plates

    • Kingpin: 16°
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Level of Play: Elite

    Why we love it: The 16° action is the perfect sweet spot for stability, agility and speed. Add that it's one of the lightest plates on the market and has color options at no additional cost and this is a no brainer recommendation.

    MSRP: $219.95, You Save $49.98 (23%)

    Colors: 7
  • The Pilot F16 Falcon Plus 2.0 plate takes the already outstanding Falcon plate and throws in an upgrade to the trucks. In addition to the 16 degree alloy kingpin, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, and micro-adjustable lock nut, the Falcon Plus provides you with two-piece forged aluminum trucks!

  • The Pilot F16 Falcon plate is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum to be extremely responsive and super lightweight. The Falcon plates have a 16 degree alloy kingpin with a micro-adjustable lock nut, one-piece cast trucks with an adjustable pivot pin, Bionic bushings, and a Super Stopper toe stop.

    Colors: 1
    • Action: 16°
    • Material: Glass-Reinforced Nylon
    • Level of Play: Competitive

    Sturdy and affordable plate with upgraded forged aluminum trucks that offer adjustable pivot arms. Although extremely lightweight, the Raptor Plus greatly reduces flex by filling base Zytel nylon with glass fibers that improve strength and durability.

  • The Pilot F16 Eagle Plus quad plates have got all the same great features as the Eagle - 16 degree steel kingpins, Base-Zytel construction, and Bionic urethane bushings and toe stop. But it gets better! The Eagle Plus plates have two-piece forged aluminum trucks and an adjustable pivot arm!

    • Action: 16°
    • Material: Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon
    • Level of Play: Competitive

    Why we love it: Gets the job done in competitive level derby at a great price point. Best of all, it's super easy to upgrade to the Elite Level Falcon plate when the time comes.

    MSRP: $99.95, You Save $20.03 (20%)

  • The Pilot F16 Eagle quad plates feature a 16 degree steel kingpin and one-piece cast aluminum trucks. The plate is constructed of Base-Zytel, a high-strength, abrasion & impact resistant nylon with fiberglass reinforcement. Topped off with Bionic Bushings and an XS Toe Stop!

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