187 Killer Pro Derby Knee Pads
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The 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads were developed specifically for roller derby. Designed, tested, and perfected by some of the top skaters in the world. Serious cushioning gives you comfort and protection from repeated falls and knee taps but still boasts a lower profile than many competing pads!

  • Caps: Replaceable 
  • Closures: Butterfly
  • Fit Guidelines: Fits very snug throughout. DW recommends ordering the larger size if between measurements.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Sizing (Center Measurement):
    • XS / 10 - 12"
    • SM / 12 - 14"
    • MD / 14 - 16"
    • LG / 15 - 17"
    • XL / 17 - 20"
    • XXL / 21 - 24"


  • Designed Specifically for Roller Derby
    •  Low profile and less bulk with high level protection
  • 187 Killer Pads® Lock-In™ Core System
    •  Removable foam allows for easy washing
    •  Interlocking straps link foam to center of pad casing
  • V-22™ Dual Density Foam
    •  Specially formulated to provide the perfect combination of cushion and protection for multiple hard impacts
  • Rapid F L E X™ Hinge
    •  Allows pad to respond freely to full range of motion; straighten or bend leg with little or no resistance
  • Fusion Groove™ Channel
    •  Maintains foam connection to skater's leg and helps eliminate pad slip downs
  • 187 Killer Pads® Lock-In™ Cap System
    •  Secures and aligns removable cap in correct position
  • Proven 187 Killer Pads® Design Elements
    •  Light-weight fast drying interior lining
    •  Seamless interior finish for ultimate comfort
    •  Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
    •  Three-panel construction for reliable performance
    •  Open back design for excellent fit and quick on & off

Comments: These are the absolute best! They are comfortable, easy to clean and provide a level of protection that's stellar! Feels like falling on pillows and there is no pinching from the back or cramming into your shins in the front. This is really the lovechild of every successful set of knee pads out there. GREAT DESIGN!
From: Anna Slusser, Beaverton, Or USA  

Comments: At first glance these pads look HUGE, and clunky, and unmanageable. The thickness did not affect my skating at all when I first tried them out. The 'hinge' is noticeable and makes buttkicks and getting low easier, without any pinching from the straps(which I had an issue with with my old pads). Great pads, felt like I was falling on pillows. 

From: Janet, West Hartford, CT

Comments: Being a big girl in derby has its advantages, but not for your knees. Choosing the 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads is one of best the choices I have made in my derby career. The supper durable ballistic nylon has allowed them to survive our rough concrete practice surfaces for over a year without a tear. The hinge above the knee is brilliant, it adds a level of flexibility that sets it light years apart, they give you bulk protection without the bulkiness that can hinder your skating. The butterfly closures allow the pads to dry quickly to get rid of that derby stank as well as adjust for a perfect fit. During our bouts and scrimmages I wear the 187 knee gaskets underneath for added protection and it is like every fall I land on angel wings. The added protection from the 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads allows me to focus on the game not my knees. 

From: Hellzapoppin', San Luis Obispo, CA

Comments: I bought these because my Scabs were really worn out. So far I like them. They aren't tiny but they aren't huge either and they are well padded.

From: Christy, Plymouth, MI

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XS 2+
SM 2+
MD 2+
LG 2+
XL 2+
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187 Knee Pads

  • The 187 Fly Knee Pad is their slimmest, most versatile knee pad and has become a proven option for safety and protection. The pad has a contoured design that hugs the knee, while its streamlined shape increases mobility. Size-specific knee caps keep close contact with the pad, further reducing bulk.

  • The 187 Killer Pads murders the competition with a revolutionary Lock-In Replaceable Cap System. These are high end pads for high end protection. 3-panel construction with dual density interior foam enables them to absorb hard impacts while still being light in weight with Dry-Fast interior lining.

    Colors: 2
  • The 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads were developed specifically for roller derby. Designed, tested, and perfected by some of the top skaters in the world, they offer all of the protection of previous 187 models with a much slimmer profile!

    Colors: 1
  • The 187 Killer Pads Knee Gaskets provide extra support and padding when worn in conjunction with knee pads or on its own. Features a curved ergonomic design, thicker padding around the patella, ventilated mesh, and double stitching for durability.

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