Atom Armor Wrist Guards V2
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Atom Armor Wrist Guards feature a foam backed contoured palm plate for ultimate fit and comfort. These lightweight and breathable guards are great for all types of skating!

  • Protection Style: Plate 
    • No top protection
  • Closures: Butterfly / Two velcro straps
  • Fit Guidelines: Unisex, runs slightly large
  • Sizing Guidelines: Measure hand circumference at the wrist joint 
    • XS  4.5 – 5.5 in  
    • S    5.5 – 6.5 in
    • M   6.5 – 7.5 in
    • L    7.5 – 8.5 in
    • XL  8.5 – 9.5 in 


Comments:  I love these wrist guards!! I was a bit skeptical to use them considering they don't offer any back protection. But Falling one these I realized they offer plenty of support. They are comfortable, easy to wash, and saves space in my bag.
From: Stephanie, Kingsburg, CA United States

Comments: I love these things. The palm protection is exquisite - every other guard I've tried with the straight bar left my hands sore after going down a few times, even right in the middle where the bar was, and this includes a few that have the wide flared-out bar. I've heard about people getting wrist injuries with these - my girlfriend broke her wrist wearing them - but to me it's never felt like even a possibility. I am a large-sized male skater with hefty bones that I've never broken, so if you are a tiny person or feel like you need support on the back of your wrist, these might not be for you. I'm still waiting for a manufacturer to make a set with the palm guard like these but with a back plate. 187 just came out with a similar set that I've been hearing good things about, but still no back plate. First one to put a set out gets my money.
From: Josh, Dallas

Comments: So far, so good. Pretty comfy, and I haven't had any issues with falling on them. I like the full palm protection and the open back. Not as smelly as my old ones :)

From: Mo

Comments: Here are a few of what I believe to be the strongest features I like about these level 1 wrist guards.

contoured palm: All off the other wrist guards I've had or at least looked at Triple-8, Roller Blade and 187. Have the single hard plastic bar in the center of the wrist. This bar/plate does not protect my (google it for image). Before I got Atom Armor Wrist Guards V2 I had tons of bruising. With atoms contoured palm it covers the perfect amount of palm for me to keep those abductor pollicis brevis's safe and unbruised from crash landings.

breathable top: With the more open top I can show off my wrist tattoo and grab a little more fresh wind than with competitor products. This does let me move my wrist upwards slightly but it is still a restricted movement as they are wrist guards.

Hook & Loop straps: I'm also a big fan of the strap setup on these. The way the straps line up seem to hold everything in place.

I kinda love these wrist guards...

From: Gordin in Manchester, CT

Comments: While these wrist guards are comfortable I think this Saturday I broke a bone in my hand because they offer no protection against bending your hand to far back ;-)

From: Gwynneth, Cherokee, N.C.

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Atom Wrist Guards

  • Atom Armor Wrist Guards feature a foam backed contoured palm plate for ultimate fit and comfort. These lightweight and breathable guards are great for all types of skating!

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