Bones Reds by Powell 608 Bearings 16 Pack
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The Bones Reds 608 Skate Bearings offer arguably the highest levels of performance at this price. Bones uses a factory and a process that is dedicated to producing nothing but the highest quality, which has resulted in an affordable option that can compete with the Bones Swiss. Unlike other manufacturers, these are inspected twice before they even leave the factory. For easy cleaning, they have a single non-contact rubber shield while the high-speed nylon ball retainer improves speed and speed.  
  • Includes: 16 - Bones Reds Bearings
  • Size: Standard 608
  • Serviceable: Yes 
  • Lubrication: Speed Cream

Comments: I've had these bearings longer than 2 pairs of skates. I've put them in everything I've owned and the skate immediately becomes better. Your stride becomes effortless with these. Feels like butter. Get them!
From: Andrew, Marceau

Comments: You will not find a better deal on awesome quality bearings. Don't be fooled by the price = it is a deal. Bones Reds rock !!! Easy to clean and maintain superfast, superquiet spinning forever. Love them all day long !!
From: Robbie, Warrenton, VA

Comments: So Gordon (I think) from IWH suggested these bearings when I complained about the ABEC5 and ILQ7, saying I'll get a longer, smoother glide on each lunge. Boy was he right: A longer glide and then some. Love the new experience - just finished a 10 mile roll.
Anyone wanting a free set of ABEC5 or ILQ7, send me a self addresses, postage prepaid envelope.
From: Sam, Tulsa, OK

Comments: Great price for an amazing product! Keep up with cleaning and maintenance and these things can spin smoothly forever it seems! Will definitely continue using reds!
From: Monarch, CA

Comments: Insane value for fast as poo bearings! cant go wrong for $30. Recently cleaned and lubed them, and theyre spinning like new. Definately faster and more durable than other ABEC 5s or 7s Ive had.
From: Chadd, CA

Comments:  Easily, hands down, the best bearings for the money. They last about 1 to 2 years (playing once or twice a week) and as long as you clean 'em every now and then, they'll keep rolling and rolling and rolling.  Don't waste your money on ABEC-9s.
From: Peter, MA

Comments: My son has been rolling on the Bones Red's for about three weeks. About 4 hours a week. He loves them. He is 9 and is about 60 pounds. I don't think he is that must faster then before. Coming from stock Mission ABEC 5 that come with his skates. But I do see him skating harder & faster (No Pun intended) for longer. With the old Mission ABEC 5 I could tell when he needed to go for a rest. So I would give the a 4 1/2 out of 5. And not a five because I thought he might got a little more speed out of them. But the price is hard to beat. I would buy again.
From: Vito, Saint Louis, Missouri

Comments: Bones Reds are a MUST. For $30 you cannot go wrong. I upgraded my stock Mission Inhaler AC5 ABEC 7's with these and I tripled my spin time straight out of the box (not broken in). I paired these with some Rink Rat Hot Shot XXX 2012 Editions and I am impressed. Please do yourself a favor, if you have some stock ABEC  7's on your skates, buy these.
From: Brian

Comments: Not just best bearings for the money, but best bearings period! Bones doesn't use abec ratings because abec ratings weren't made to rate bearings for inline skates and skateboards. Instead Bones makes their bearings to withstand the abuse of inline skaters and skateboards alike. And they roll forever with little to no break in period. You take care of them, they'll take care of you.
From: Lucas

Comments: best bearings ive skated in over 15 years of skating no need to spend more on anything else
From: Joe

Comments: Very smooth and effortless speed. Don't waste your time or
money with abec7 or abec9 bearings. REDS are the way to go.
From: Gabriel, PA

Comments: These bearings are incredible. They spin, easily, for a good minute or two with a kick. Definitely worth the money, and they last forever. I had my last set for almost 5 years before i just decided to replace them. These definitely compete with higher priced bearings.
From: Tim, CA

Comments: Probably the best set of bearings for the price!!! I wouldn't consider anything else.
From: Chris, NY

Comments: Crazy fast bearings. Using them on my outdoor setup on a pair of alkali CA5s with labeda grippers, unbeatable. Wont buy anything else..
From: ?

Comments: these bearings blow away abec-9s. forget any other bearing company and go with bones. especially for the money!
From: Peter

Comments:IW set me up with these bearings and some new wheels and they made such a difference. What a fast, smooth, ride. Actually made me feel a little lighter on my feet. Very nice!
From: Tambra, Morro Bay

Comments:Ooooooooommmmmmmmmgggg these bearings are crazy awsome they are only 30 bucks for a 16 pack that's insane for bones quality bearings there so smooth and fast straight out of the box they span for 3 mins!!! And I haven't even broke them in yet!! Bones bearings are the only bearings I want to use now :)
From: Nick C. USA

Comments:Bones reds are really smooth and fast and for only 30 bucks this is steal buy these bearings u won't regret it
From: James

Comments:bones reds are awsome I use them for my skate board but decided to buy some for my cobalt q's since they needed new wheels I tried the cobination of labeda dynasty (standard hub) and bones reds and I couldn't beileive how smooth and fast they are and I recomend the combo totaly worth it
From: Wilder

Comments: I've had these for a year and a half now and they're just as good as day 1. Easy maintenance and super fast bearings. This is a steal.
From: Andrew, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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