Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant
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From the most respected brand of bearings, comes the Bones Speed Cream bearing lubricant. Specially formulated for skate bearings, this low viscosity formula enhances the roll of precision bearings like no other.

This lubricant isn't just for speed though, it also provies a durable film to protect bearings from dirt and moisture, reducing the risk of corrosion. Just a few drops after every wash keeps you rolling longer and faster !

  • High temperature, low viscosity synthetic lubricant
  • Provides durable micro film to protect from corrosion
  • Lasts longer and protects better than most oils
  • Blend of low viscosity, high speed lubricants
  • Allows for your precision bearings to roll faster and longer with less wear than every before

Comments: Wow bones really got the mixture right this speed cream really brought my bearings back to life after I cleaned them wow I love this stuff just buy it please you won't be made that you did.
From: Boon, Portola, CA

Comments: I really like this bearing lube. It's thicker than regular oil so it doesn't bleed through the shields, but not super thick like grease. It keeps the bearing spinning and washes away easily with bearing cleaner, while other lubes may get stuck in the retainers. I recommend not to use more than 2-3 drops per bearing after cleaning them, otherwise they'll be too oily and will retain more dirt.
From:  Ana; Uruguay

Comments: Use it with my Bones Super Reds and other bearings approximately once per 75-90 km. This is a cream for races as well.
From: Gennady from Moscow, Russia

Comments: could tell the difference as soon as I used this product. the spin has stayed smooth without having to reapply. It is thin, and light weight.... a good product.
From: Monarch

Comments: Got this lube for my bones reds but have since used it for other bearings as well.  I prefer it over regular oil and it seems to handle fine particles better.
From: Bryan

Comments: I use this to lube my race bearings for marathons.  I like it because it is a lighter weight oil that works well with Swiss bearings.  It is much easier to clean.  It doesn't last long, though, because it is a lighter oil, so you end up lubing a lot.  The small amount is deceiving, though.  I haven't gone through one bottle yet, and have probably lubed a full set of 16 bearings 4 times.  It rolls better than 3-in-1, but needs to be reapplied more often.  If you are used to greased bearings, and switch to oil, expect to service your bearings more often.
From: Andrew

Comments: Probably the longest lasting and most consistent lube I've used. Hardly any break in period, and keeps your bearings rolling smoothly.
From: Lucas

Comments: Bones Speed Cream will keep your bearings rolling fast and smooth just like day one. After your bearings get dirty, give them a good cleaning with a product like the Sonic bearing washer, then after the bearings are dry and dirt free, I like to place the speed cream in a half of the bearing like a 12 to six oclock (if you refer to a clock positio), then spin the bearing a bit to make sure it spins smoothly, then your ready to go!
From: Mike

Comments: Gotta keeps your bearings lubed, and this does the job well.
From: Chris, NY

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