Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings 608 16 Pack
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The Bones Swiss Ceramic Skate Bearings are the best money can buy. These waterproof bearings allow you to accelerate quicker and to roll faster/farther than anything else on the market. Bones accomplished this with their Cerbec ceramic balls that are stronger, more durable, lighter and create less friction than steel balls. These ceramic balls are so strong, they actually re-polish the steel races if any dirt gets inside, keeping them tuned up so you can push the limits. The rest of the bearing is built using the highest-precision polished races and fiber reinforced high speed ball retainers for unparalleled performance and durability.

  • Includes: 16 - Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
  • Size: Standard 608
  • Serviceable: Yes
  • Lubrication: Speed Cream 

Comments: Amazing! I got a set of Swiss Bones Ceramic Bearings for my 65th birthday, installed them on my Rollerblade GT 110's and rolled 33 miles on my first outing with them. Very smooth, quiet, and fast. You can't beat these bearings and you won't beat Inline Warehouses' price. I'm a believer now, and I could not be happier. GREAT PRODUCT!
From: Steve, Boise, Idaho, USA

Comments: WOW just WOW these are by far the very best bearings that I have ever used. They are amazing!
From: Evan from Michigan

Comments: These bearings are the best in the market . They are smooth and quietest bearing that u could have . I recommend theses bearings for a advance players . The speed might throw u off . And u could fall but every thing is good . Save up for these bearings !!!
From: Wynn, IL

Comments: I have always used Bones Swiss Bearing.  These are noticeably faster.  Ilove them and will not use anything else going forward.
From: John, Boston

Comments: never have i experienced the fastest or quietest set of bearings til i got a hold of these, far more superior then any abec series and any other brand of bearing currently on the market.
From: Travis

Comments:Worth every penny! I just recently received these bearings and after skating on them I am completely satisfied. Its nice to get the power out of every stride you take with non restricting bearings like these. I previously had BSB micro bearings and they were terrible. After one season of college roller hockey they were rusting and sounding like a cement mixer even with cleaning. Buy the SWISS BONES CERAMICS!

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