Bones Swiss Skate Bearings 608 16 Pack
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The Bones Swiss 608 Skate Bearings have become legendary since their introduction in 1983. For decades, they have been perhaps the fastest, smoothest, and longest lasting bearing on the market. The choice of professionals and speed skaters, Bones Swiss has become the standard to which all other inline skate bearings are measured.

Not ABEC rated, but Skate Rated. Designed specifically for skates, to merely give Bones an ABEC rating would be to ignore all the improvements engineered into Bones Bearings and the resulting difference between Bones and standard ABEC rated bearings which were most commonly rated for electric motors. Bones Swiss have proven over the years to provide dependable performance for the best skaters in the world.

  • Includes: 16 - Bones Swiss Bearings
  • Size: Standard 608
  • Serviceable: Yes 
  • Lubrication: Speed Cream

Comments: These bearings are the real deal. I bought two pairs with my new skates and gave one set away as a gift. They are ridiculously quick and super responsive. I noticed with the top of the line hi lo's that came with the skates could not bite in without flexing on stops. I ended up destroying those in 3 weeks of having the skates because four outer hubs on the bearings warped. Well with these new bearings in I have played about 20+ games. I do take them out and clean them about every 10 games because we play on a outdoor covered sport court and a indoor sport court that volley ball girls trash. But these bearings continue to roll fast and smooth far past when I decided to clean them just to ensure the best roll and upkeep.
From:  Walker, Atlanta. Ga

Comments:These bearings are so smooth they don't stop rolling! These are amazing bearings, so smooth, so fast, it's unbelievable. I have heard all the hype about bones bearings, but you don't really know until you try it for yourself, and I am glad I did. You won't be disappointed.
From: Barb

Comments: Fast out of the box. I was using abec 9 bearings off my mission skates you can feel the difference right out of the box. Easy maintenance worth every penny.
From: Erick, Vancouver, Canada

Comments: simply amazing bearings. Crazy speed with far less effort,love 'em
From: Joe from Las Vegas, NV

Comments: I put these in my skates about 16yrs ago, no joke. I'm not a pro just a guy who's always loved to skate. These are some pretty serious bearings. I cleaned and lubed them about 10 yrs ago ,again no joke, I have to put new wheels on before I do it again. They're too fast for wheels that dont stick to the floor. Guess I should have bought some junk bearings so I can justify some new ones. Hopefully I can put ceramics on before I get to the nursing home. Do the math, I'd say I got my moneys worth.
From: Scott, WI

Comments:  Believe the hype. Went through Abec 5-7-9 and legendary Fafnir bearings and all were subpar to Bones Swiss bearings.. Long lasting, durable enough for roller derby and hockey, precise, fast out of the box then faster, gives an athelete that extra foot speed when it really counts. Bones Swiss are absolutely the gold standard when it comes to a fast and smooth ride. Since trying Bones Swiss, I have been disappointed with all bearings in comparison. Bones Swiss bearings have a significant edge over all other bearings.
From: Barrett, TN

Comments: Simply my favorite bearings out there since the early 90's. I've tried other brands and different ratings (ABEC5,7, Mini, BSB, etc) and these still outshine all others. Easy care. Rubber shields are easy to remove. I use the Sonic Turbo Wash and compressed air to clean. Peralta says to use their speed cream, but I prefer a lighter oil as the spin feels faster. Just avoid water and clean REGULARLY as your conditions require. They actually break in and roll faster, if you can believe that. Just purchased a new set for strictly indoor inline short-track speed training and the roll is quiet and extremely fast. You can pay a lot more for part or full ceramic, but you'll be hard pressed to notice the slight improvement. Plus you'll have extra money for other gear.
From: Jeff

Comments: Bearing rule my freind had bought the 16pk and gave me 8 I win every race at the roller skating rink I even beat a guy wit bones ceramic! Best Bering ever a lil bit pricey but awesome
From: Jihad

Comments:Worth every penny, but these are for experienced skaters indeed! Huuuuge increase in glide speeds, just revolutionary. Once you understand what Powell means about "skate rated" you'll see it's for real. My jaw literaly dropped when I first got my hands on these bearings and I refuse to go back to anything else -- they are the best, hands down.
From: Dacob CA

Comments:Best bearings I have ever had. These helped me win fastest skater at a tournament sponsored by Inline Warehouse. Some people say I am too fast. Thanks for the lowest prices also.
From: Steven, SLO

Comments:i still have my previous set of bones bearings that are over 6 years old. they have been used inside/outside for recreational and roller hockey. ive abused the hell out of them but they are running strong and still extremely fast. well worth the money. im gonna give the super six swiss a try
From: bill City, State, Country: shelby, mi, us 1/6/05

Comments:A great bearing at a great price. So kwityerbitchin' Johnny from tolerance, California. if u shop around u will find the prices are way out of sight at other sites. this is a bargain by far. I know cos I did shop around forever until I found this site on an engine search for a economical inline skate shop. Keep on truckin' inline warehouse. I'll be back sooner or later. Thanks for having the best prices on the net. jonnybgoode
From: John Garzelloni, City, State, Country:, Michigan USA 04/9/03

Comments: My friend bought a pack and I tried them out. They rule and I think they're at a better price then some cheapo stuff I bought for 86.oo bucks. They sucked but these rule.
From: Dan, Chandler, Arizona, 3/02

Comments: These rule but they cost way too much just for bearings. I'd pay 40 or 30 bucks but the price is ridiculous.
From: Johny, Torrance, CA, America, 3/02
IW Note: We'd like to sell them for those prices. If we could get them cheaper, we'd sell them cheaper.

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