Crazy Wheels

    • Hub: Spoked Delrin
    • Size: 59x38mm, 62x38mm
    • Hardnesses: 90A, 93A, 96A

    Tall or short, but always slim so your focus can be on crisp, precise edging and fast, furious footwork. High quality urethane and a Delrin hub combine roll and grip to make these wheels a great choice for most surfaces!

    Colors: 3
    • Hub: Spoked Delrin
    • Sizes: 59x42mm, 62x44mm
    • Hardnesses: 90A, 93A, 96A

    Designed for players whose focus is on stability and grip. No matter if you like 'em tall or short, the wide profile means more contact patch and a flexible lip that helps grip on crossovers and lateral movements.

    Colors: 3
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Sizes: 59x42mm, 59x38mm, 62x38mm
    • Hardnesses: Hybrid 84A

    Crazy Bruiser wheels are designed to allow you to hit your hardest on any surface! The hybrid urethane works with the spoked nylon hub to provide a versatile combination of grip, rebound and roll.

    Colors: 2
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