EZeeFit Ankle Booties 3mm
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EzeeFit's are form fitting pull-on anti-blister booties. Designed to fit snugly under a thin sock or alone on top of your bare feet. Great for any sport that is taxing on the feet or even to break-in in dress shoes. For us skaters, the 3MM EZeeFit work great to fill in large gaps left in a skate that is fitting too wide or loose. EzeeFit Ankle Booties allow your foot to grip better, yet protect from rubbing and blistering. Great for any sport where athletes experience friction.

  • Availabile in Three Thicknesses - 3mm Shown Here
    • Cushion to Eliminate Pressure Points / Rubbing
    • Fills in Large Gaps on Loose Fitting Boots
  • Sold in Pairs


  • Flatlock Stitching for Durability and Stretch
  • Made of Superflex Hi-Tech Neoprene
  • Great Compression Qualities
  • Micro-Plush Lining / Reversable Black and Red
  • EZeeFits come in 3 Thicknesses - 2mm Seen Here
    • Ultra Thin
      • Custom Skates and/or Tight Fitting Skates
    • 2mm
      • Light Cushion to Eliminate Pressure Points / Rubbing
      • Fills in Small Gaps on Loose Fitting Boots
    • 3mm
      • Cushion to Eliminate Pressure Points / Rubbing
      • Fills in Large BGaps on Loose Fitting Boots
  • Sizing:
    • Small = Women's Sizes 6.0 - 9.0
    • Large= Men's Sizes 8.0 - 13.0
  • Sold in Pairs


Comments: I purchased the 3mm bootie to help relieve pressure points from the boot/cuff on the inside of my ankles. I wear them with a thin cycling sock and combined with some heat molding of the boot, I am problem free in my skates. I also wear the booties bare with no socks in my hockey skates (inline and ice) and now prefer the fit with the booties over going barefoot as I used to.
From: Ryan, in Dallas, TX

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