Juice Wheels bring a diverse offering with some of the most popular outdoor wheels and highest quality indoor wheels. Years of manufacturing inline wheels have brought a high level of performance and a high standard of quality to the Juice name and their wheels certainly don't disappoint. With some of the top players in the world on Juice wheels, you know they are here to stay.

Juice Wheels

    • Hub: Nylon Mini Hub
    • Size: 59x38mm
    • Hardnesses: 91A, 92A, 94A, 96A

    Ultra-lightweight indoor performance wheels that utilize dual-pour technology. Beneath the harder outer tire is a core of softer urethane that reserves energy with each stride, releasing it as you do to enhance the power and explosiveness of each move on the track.

    Colors: 4
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Size: 59x38mm
    • Hardnesses: 88A, 90A, 92A, 94A, 96A, 98A

    Brewed to be even better than before, Juice has expanded their Java Series to feature six durometers for nearly any surface type. The low profile cut and stiff nylon core work in conjunction to enhance the abilities of agile, quick-stepping skaters.

    Colors: 6
    • While Supplies Last!
    • Hub: Power-Edge Nylon Hub
    • Sizes: 59x38mm, 62x38mm
    • Hardnesses: Firm, X-Firm

    Next generation of banded-edge hubs introduced in the Juice Spiked Series. This band flexes with each stride to provide more grip and then enhances your stride's power as the band rebounds to its original shape.

    Colors: 2
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Sizes: 59x38mm, 62x38mm
    • Hardness: 80A

    Same great Jolts, updated with a new colorway and graphics. A true hybrid wheel that provides more grip than most without feeling sticky. When indoor performance wheels and other hybrids just don't cut it, give your skating a Jolt!

  • The Juice Spiked Derby Wheel series is a refreshing innovation in wheels, developed specifically for roller derby at all levels of play. Unique banded-edge technology in their hubs allow Spiked wheels to provide grip & roll at an affordable price. Two size variations each available in three hardnesses.

    • 59mm x 38mm (91A, 93A, 95A)
    • 62mm x 38mm (91A, 93A, 95A)
    Colors: 1
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