Lace Hook Puller w/Handle (tightener)
PRICE: $2.49
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Our deluxe lace hook. Features a contoured grip handle for more leverage and comfort. Allows the player or parent to easily tighten skate laces.

Comments: Decent lace tightener if you need that sort of thing. It does help get laces tighter but it's not a huge difference. I bought it mainly to get my order into the free shipping threshold and for what I expected it does just fine, though I don't often use it. If you're someone who demands skates as tight as they physically can be, then by all means get this and use it with some waxed laces and be happy.
From: Steve

Comments:I bought this tool because I had just bought new skates and lacing them up was tough. What I later realized is that you don't really need lace pullers to tighten your skates up. They did feel tighter using the tool, but there wasn't a huge difference. Also After using them about five times, the metal hook part bent and I wasn't able to tighten my laces anymore. Overall it was a waste of money and I wouldn't recommend this tool to anyone. Just use your guns to tighten your laces.
From: Andrew

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