Outdoor roller skate wheels have an ultra soft durometer which allows them to provide a smooth ride over rough surfaces. In addition, outdoor quad wheels will often have a larger diameter than indoor wheels. The larger profile enhances roll & makes it easier to maintain cruising speeds. As an added bonus, most outdoor derby wheels come in a variety of colors so you can skate in style!

Outdoor Wheels - 4 Packs

    • Hardnesses: 82A
    • Sizes: 65x41mm
    • Hub: Nylon

    Mota Freedom Wheels are designed to take you outdoors like never before. Expect faster roll and durability best suited for smoother outdoor surfaces (nice streets, sidewalks, etc.)

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    Colors: 1
  • To create one of the highest performance outdoor wheels around, Radar started with their innovative Shark hub and added premium, high-rebound urethane that rolls over debris & rough environments with relative ease. Finally, they rounded off the edges of the Radar Flyer Outdoor Wheel to promote a smooth stride every time.

    • 66mm x 38mm (78A)
    Colors: 4
  • Juice Smoothie Outdoor Wheels are made from the very best urethane available & come in four great flavors to keep you rolling with the best ride on all kinds of outdoor surfaces. Smoothies also have a unique concave design on the back of the wheel to further help with grip.

    • 65mm x 38mm (78A)
    Colors: 5
    • Hardnesses: 78A
    • Sizes: 65x37mm
    • Hub: Nylon

    Atom Pulse Wheels are super smooth wheels designed for rough, outdoor surfaces. Lips on the front and back or the wheel provide great shock absorption no matter how bump the road may get.

    Colors: 5
  • Reckless Bliss Wheels are a pure outdoor wheel in every facet of their design. Whether you're headed out to the trails, cruising the sidewalks, strolling the boardwalk, or maybe even racing traffic - don't be ignorant, get Bliss!

    • 65mm x 38mm "Outdoor"
    Colors: 1
    • Hardnesses: 78A
    • Sizes: 66x42mm
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon 

    Atom Road Hog Outdoor wheels are the go to wheel for those looking to keep speed and performance when they hit the streets. The standard nylon hub means a stiffer, faster ride than a typical outdoor wheel.

Outdoor Wheels - 8 Packs

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