Sure-Grip Toe Jammers (Pair)
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Toughened vinyl toe caps that are heat-moldable to fit perfectly on most standard-mount skate set-ups.

  • Heat Molding Instructions:
    • Pre-heat conventional oven (do not microwave!) to 200°F.
    • Place Toe Jammers in oven for 4-5 minutes.
    • Carefully remove Toe Jammers (they will be hot!).
    • Place over toe of boot & hold in place for several minutes until cool.

Comments: My favorite toe cap so far. Leather caps are a bit loose and tend to move, this one covers all the front of your skates and won't move around. Plus, vinyl is harder and longer lasting than leather. In most skates they don't even need heath molding, but you can do it if you want a tighter fit.

From: Anna, Uruguay


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