Sure-Grip Wheels - 4 Packs

    • Hub: Spoked Nylon
    • Sizes: 59x35mm, 62x35mm
    • Hardnesses: 89A, 92A, 95A, 98A

    Sure-Grip Titans are super lightweight and use a narrower-than-normal 35mm width to emphasize agility and mobility. The innovative urethane formula helps maximize grip and control, and four durometers ensure there's a Titan for every surface!

    Colors: 4
    • Hub: Solid Aluminum
    • Sizes: 59x38mm, 62x38mm, 62x42mm
    • Hardnesses: 89A, 92A, 95A, 98A

    Sure-Grip Zombie Wheels are made in the USA and feature anodized aluminum hubs for maximum durability and precise feel while maintaining rock solid stability. Available in three size profiles as well as four different durometers ranging from 89A up to 98A.

    Colors: 4
  • The Sure-Grip Sugar Wheels come in Sugar Pink, Equalizer Blue, and Sweet 'n' Low Clear. These are hybrid wheels that have classic indoor size and shape, but with super soft, high-rebound outdoor urethane that guarantees grip on any surface.

    • 62mm x 44mm (Hybrid)
    • 62mm x 38mm (Hybrid)
    • 59mm x 38mm (Hybrid)
    Colors: 2

Sure-Grip Wheels - 8 Packs

  • Shaman Wheels have always been a favorite amongst speed skaters. Now re-invigorated by roller derby, the Shaman line gets a fresh new look & introduces a blue hybrid wheel that gives extra grip with the firmness of an aluminum hub. Sized for maximum speed!

    • 62mm x 42mm (Hybrid, 93A, 95A, 97A)
    Colors: 3
  • Hyper Cannibal Wheels use a hand poured indoor race formula urethane they've coined Voodoo-Thane. This special urethane improves cornering ability while maintaining control through every stride. The machined aluminum hub improves power transfer and stretches the entire length of the wheel for even more control!

    • 62mm x 40mm (Soft, Hard)
    Colors: 2
  • The Sure-Grip Fugitive is an all around solid wheel that has been around since the derby craze began. A high quality urethane makes this wheel long lasting plus its wide size gives you max stability for taking hits and pushing corners. Made in the USA.

    • 62mm x 44mm (89A, 92A, 94A, 96A)
    Colors: 4
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