Crazy Plates

    • Action: 20°
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Level of Play: Elite

    Why we love it: Slightly more aggressive than the Falcon for those looking for a little added bite in their juke. With color options available at no uncharge (we like color) and top notch performance, this an underdog we root for.

    MSRP: $159, You Save $40.03 (25%)

    Colors: 4
    • Action: 20°
    • Material: Fiber-Reinforced Nylon
    • Level of Play: Competitive

    The special composite used to mold these plates is ultra-lightweight, rigid, & boasts zero torque - it does not twist! The Apollo is the first nylon plate to feature an integrated toe stop housing with a hex screw lock & is available in awesome colors!

    Colors: 8
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