Bont Skates build off a long history in speed skating to create extreme performance for derby players. Superior materials and unique speed inspired boot designs make these skates stand up to their moto: Lighter, Stronger, Faster.

Bont's QuadStars Include: Scald Eagle, Baller Shot Caller, Barbara Ambush, Bea Ware, Blaque Jac, Buster, Castro, Chuck Taylor, Crash Dance, Disco, Erin Jackson, Evada Peron, Fisher Twice, Flustercluck, I. M. Pain, Jamsterella, Kenboslice, Kim Janna, Lexi Lightspeed, Lucky Charmer, Meow Mix, Mr. Furieux, Queen Loseyateefa, Scott Slamilton, ShortStop, Snot Rocket Science, Stefanie Mainey, STELLY, Tink, Tui Lyon, WALKER

Bont Skates

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