Bearing Tools

  • The PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool makes changing your bearings a breeze. The bearing shaped flange ensures that the pressure is evenly dispersed so you don't have to worry about dented shields when installing or removing your bearings! 

  • The PowerDyne Bearing Press and Puller works awesome. It works best when mounted to a bench but it not required.

  • The QUBE Bearing Press is 100% designed and built in the United States. The bearing press is a bench mount style, which means that you can bolt it to a tabletop surface and change 7mm or 8mm bearings with the utmost of ease.


  • Easily remove your wheel bearings with the Bones Bearing Tool. Works with all 8mm bearings and is designed to put pressure only on the inner track of the bearings, keeping the shield from getting damaged. Can be used as a bearing press when installing new bearings into your wheels and small enough to fit in your pocket. Finally a bearing tool made by the bearing company by which all quality standards are measured.

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