Lubricating your bearings will help keep them spinning fast and healthy! Just a few drops of this stuff can make a HUGE difference. Using products specifically designed for skate bearings will help keep them lubed without attracting debris and making your bearings dirty!

Bearing Lubricants

  • Kwik Bearing Oil is specially formulated to improve performance and extend life by coating internal surfaces with a low viscosity lubricant which will ease acceleration and enhance speed by reducing friction.

  • High quality bearing synthetic oil. OUST oil bottle comes with a needle top for easy application. Just slide the needle between the race and seal and squeeze.

  • Qube Bearing Oil, or Qube Lube, is a high temperature speed lubricant for bearings of all types. Using a special Qube-patented technology to ensure your bearings perform at their best and last longer. A good cleaning & a few drops of this stuff is sure to make your bearing spin smoother & wear less!

  • Sonic Super Oil lubricates skate bearings and coats them uniformly to increase speed and free spin. 100% synthetic oil with no fossil fuels to allow for a long last that won't dry out. A must have for anyone that services their bearings. 


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