Roll Line Wheels stand out for their perfectly smooth running surface that is pre-broken in so you don't have to worry about the slippery new wheel phase. Intrigued? We were! In asking for their secret behind the smooth tire design, Roll Line explained that most wheels are grooved to hide imperfections in the running surface of the tire. The grooves are designed to wear down and leave behind a smooth surface. Because of Roll Line's extremely precise manufacturing process, they don't need to add tread to their wheels and in turn, you don't have to break them in!

Roll Line Wheels

    • Hub: Spoked Nylon Core
    • Size: 64x32mm
    • Hardnesses: 83A

    Unconventional outdoor speed wheels with a large, stiff hub that creates a thinner-than-usual urethane tire. Due to the speed and roll benefits offered by Heliums, they also excel on indoor surfaces that require extra grip!

    Colors: 1
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon Core
    • Size: 62x38mm
    • Hardnesses: 88A, 90A, 93A, 95A

    Why we love it: It take perfection to produce a smooth wheel and Roll Line pulls it off every time. The highest quality components and best manufacturing practices make these wheels shine. No waiting for threads to break in, just pure performance from the start.

    MSRP: $110.00, You Save $27.53 (25%)

    Colors: 4
    • Hub: Spoked Nylon Core
    • Size: 62x31mm
    • Hardnesses: 92A, 94A

    Roll Line Rapido Wheels feature a narrow profile, stiff delrin core and thin tire for extreme speed and agility. True to it's name, the focus of this wheel is to make you "rapido" when maneuvering through the pack. As with all Roll Line Wheels these babies are ready to roll out of the box, no break in required!

    Colors: 2
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