Cleaning your bearings is an important part of the maintenance to keep them rolling smoothly. Using bearing specific cleaners insures that the integrity of the bearing is not compromised and is always the safest option! Specialty cleaning units are also handy and will safely contain all of the parts of your bearings.

Bearing Cleaners

  • A great device to save you money and mess when cleaning your bearings. Comes with easty to follow instructions and works well with any cleaning agent you choose.

  • Simply slip your micro 688 or standard 608 bearings in the unit seen here. Then dip it in your choice of cleaning solution and press the red button. Bearings spin around to clean out loose dirt, oil, rust, birds, insects and whatever else you've run over. Bearings and batteries not included.

  • Bionic Bearing Cleaner is recommended for use on all types of skate bearings. Regular use of Bionic Bearing Cleaner can improve performance and increase bearing longevity. Environmentally safe.

  • A fast and efficient way to clean your bearings, the Bionic Bearing Wash contains everything you need to get your bearings rolling again! The handy washing system fits a full set of bearings, wether they are 8 or 7mm! Comes pre-filled with Bionic Bearing Cleaner, a bearing safe cleaning solution specially designed for skate bearings. 

  • The Speed Clean Bearing Wash System is the fastest method for cleaning bearings with no damage to bearing races or carriages. Kit comes complete with washing container, bearing holder and cleaning solvent. Intended for use with 8mm bearings.


  • Qube Bearing Wash, also called Qube Cleaner, offers a light lubrication mixed into the high-tech cleaning solution. Qube Cleaner ensures a smoother roll and helps to prevent thermal breakdown in your bearings. QUBE Bearing Oil should be used with this product to ensure proper lubrication after cleaning.

  • The Qube Bearing Spa is a complete bearing cleaning system designed to efficiently remove particles and contaminates from your bearings. Spa contains environmentally safe Qube Citrus Cleaner and an internal bearing holding unit that will hold all 16 skate bearings in either 7mm or 8mm.

  • This is the same bearing cleaning solution you would find in the Sonic Turbo Wash. This is replacement cleaner that you may use for that wash, the Bones cleaning unit or whichever other cleaning container you may be using.


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