Since 1937 Sure-Grip has been one of the leading manufacturers of high end and recreational roller skates. The dedication of four generations has led to a strong tradition that was built over many decades. Now, Sure-Grip has expanded that same expertise and commitment to excellence to their line of roller derby skates, including boots, plates, wheels, bearings, and accessories! When you want the best its always been Sure-Grip.

Sure-Grip Skates

    • Level of Play: Competitive
    • Uppers: Top Grain Leather
    • Liner: Padded Cloth
    • Plate: 33° Aluminum 

    Leather Rebel Boot is well padded for high degree of comfort and is very forgiving of most foot shapes and sizes. Short mounted Avenger Plate sits below, which promotes a forward stance and aggressive skating style.

  • The Rebel Avanti Aluminum skate package by Sure-Grip is a highly affordable offering that includes a leather boot & aluminum alloy plate. The proven and popular Rebel boot is paired with Sure-Grip's next generation of plate - the Avanti Aluminum. Both lightweight and very strong, the Avanti features a traditional 10° steel kingpin and sleek polished finish. Set with a Carrera speed stop and Fugitive wheels.

  • This Sure-Grip Rebel Skate is simple yet perfect for beginners to the sport of roller derby. Leather boot, Probe nylon plate, QUBE Juice bearings, Fugitive wheels, and a Carrera speed toe stop. Dollar for dollar this package is a great value!

    • Level of Play: Recreational
    • Uppers: Synthetic
    • Liner: Padded Cloth
    • Plate: 10° Nylon 

    An excellent beginner package well-suited for introduction into derby. The synthetic leather boot is extremely durable and has a well-padded liner that adds comfort while the Rock Plate is lightweight and has metal trucks that enhance power.

  • The Sure-Grip Cyclone Skates are the most affordable package in Sure-Grip's line. The vinyl boot is available in several vibrant colors and the always traditional black colorway. Vinyl boots are very durable and will not undergo much stretching, so break-in is nearly nonexistent and the boot will maintain its form even after heavy use. Additionally, the toe box has been reinforced for even more durability.

    Colors: 4
  • The Sure-Grip Boxer roller derby skate features a synthetic leather boot, Boxer speed nylon plate w/ nylon trucks, ABEC 7 bearings, Boxer speed wheels and a Carrera speed toe stop. A good affordable package for beginners just looking to start out.

    Sizes Available: 2.0
  • Sure-Grip ISIS Avanti Aluminum skates combine some of the best derby products Sure-Grip has to offer. The genuine leather ISIS boots have extra counters and reinforced toe boxes to provide support & durability. This great boot is mounted to the lightweight Avanti Aluminum plate for a durable and stable base. Finished off with Rollout wheels, QUBE 8-Ball bearings and a Carrera toe stop.

    Sizes Available: 7.0
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