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Atom Boom Wheels 4pk

Comments: XFIRM were likw 95a. XXFIRM were like 97a. used on semi coated wooden floor and I was skipping du4ing corssovers and plow stops. I weigh 148lbs.
From: Kelsea, Wilmington, NC

Comments: At 6'3" and 260, I'm a big skater with more weight than average pushing down, so I get more traction than other skaters. With that said, Firms were a little too sticky for me. I switched to X-Firms and ref on them on every surface. The only problem I've had has been on sport court, where it's been too much grip for me personally. That could also be because I'm a giant, however. The whole "roll when you need it, stick when you need it" thing isn't hype. It's a great combination of slide and grip.
From: The Mountain, West Virginia

Comments:  Loooove these. I've been /told/ that these are supposed to be similar to a 96A, which seems about right. I've got half a set of these paired with an alloy-hub set of Hyper Cannibals that are also /supposedly/ about a 93A, though I also use these as a full set. The combination works great - these really are super fast and also grippy, which is kinda nuts. I use this same setup on wood, sport court, and concrete, and they are fantastic on all of them - I hardly even bother to change my wheels out any more!
From: Christ, Dallas

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