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The PowerDyne Arius Platinum is performance redesigned. Core design elements like the Progressive Lateral Movement technology and butterfly cushions remain, while many aspects have received upgrades. Split Butterfly Cushions now slide into place in the updated winged truck design and no longer require stabilization hardware. The toe stop set screw has moved forward on the plate for added security while the Arius' striking red finish has made way for platinum gold.

Important! Wheels with significant concave backs, such as many outdoor wheels, may experience rubbing issues due to the compact truck design; try a washer or two! Additionally, if you prefer toe stops set high into your plate, consider a shorter stem due to the lower deck height.

  • See "Specs" Tab for More Details
  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive - Elite
  • Sizing Guidelines: See “Plate Sizing Chart“ below.
    • Plate size corresponds to Riedell boots. For example, a size 5 plate fits size 5 & 5.5 Riedell boots.
  • Hardware Included:
    • Four sets of Split Butterfly Cushions
    • Axle nuts
    • Mounting bolts & nuts 

PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plate
   6061 Heat-Treated Aircraft Aluminum
   Anodized Platinum Gold Finish
   Progressive Lateral Movement
      Creates Efficient Pressure
      Eliminates Traditional Stress Points
   Precision Machined Aluminum Trucks
      Winged Design = No Stabilization Hardware
      Chromoly Steel Axles
   Split Butterfly Cushions
      Requires No Pressure Adjustment
      4 Sets Included:
         74A Aqua
         80A White
         86A Yellow Green (installed)
         92A Red
   Improved Toe Stop Set Screw
      Moved Forward For Added Security

Comments:  I LOVE these plates. They are incredibly responsive and smooth. The force that it takes to rock your boot left and right is perfectly even all the way through the arc which makes me feel very confident while jam skating. And when you come out of a lean (bring your leg back to perpendicular with the floor) the wheels come back to center INSTANTLY with no lag time like with a kingpin. They come with a variety of cushions from soft to stiff and I've tried them all. For me (at 174lbs) the split Red/Green cushion combination is heaven.
From: Jason, Harrogate, TN, USA

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Size 3 8 Days
Size 4 1
Size 5 1
Size 6 2
Size 7 1
Size 8 1
Size 9 1
Size 10 8 Days
Size 11 8 Days
Size 12 8 Days
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PowerDyne Plates

    • Action: 45° Progressive Lateral Movement
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Level of Play: Elite

    An update to the Arius Red that maintains its place as one of the lightest and smoothest plates on the market while making small adjustments to the trucks and butterfly cushions that make adjustments easier than ever and with less hardware!

  • Reactor Pro Plates are the successor to the PowerDyne Reactor plate series. Featuring stronger grade aluminum throughout, better design, 10-degree kingpins, forged aluminum trucks, adjustable pivot arms, and a brilliant steel blue finish with laser etched graphics. This plate is the pinnacle of performance!

    • Kingpin: 10°
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Level of Play: Competitive

    Created to replace the popular Rival Plate, the Neo offers more power and stability with a reduced kingpin angle. Two-piece trucks (aluminum hangars w/ steel axles) are lighter than ever while other improved features include click-action kingpin adjustment and more durable Delrin pivot cups.

  • The Powerdyne Thrust Nylon replacement plates for your rollerskates, are made with a durable black nylon with polished metal trucks for an exceptional performance.  Accepts adjustable toe stops, toe plugs or bolt on toe stops.

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