Roll Line Blaster Plates
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The Roll Line Blaster Plates are machined CNC milled out of a solid block of aluminum for extremely consistent and reliable response. The oversized kingpins are set at 18 degrees in the front and 16 degrees in the back to give you a little added agility when entering your turns and transitions while staying very stable during your stride. Locking kingpin set screws allow you to lock in your tension adjustments on the oversized urethane cushions.

  • See "Specs" Tab for More Details
  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive - Elite
  • Sizing Guidelines: Sizes shown in wheel base
  • Hardware Included:
    • Axle nuts
    • Mounting hardware (metric)
    • Plate tool kit

Note: These plates require METRIC toe stops and are not compatible with US Imperial threaded stoppers. 

   Aircraft Aluminum 
   CNC milled construction   

   8mm threaded axles
   Adjustable Pivots

   18 degree front and 16 degree rear action
   13mm alloy kingpins 
   Mechanism Action adjustment system
      Kingpin adjustment nuts
      Kingpin locking screws 

   Interlocking Urethane Cushions

Toe Stop Housing:
Metric threaded adjustable housing 
   5mm hex set screw 
   Roll Line Ambra Round Toe Stop Metric 

Weight (Based on assembled size 150): 518g

Manufacturer Warranty: 

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Roll Line Plates

    • Kingpin: 18° Front / 16° Rear
    • Material: Aircraft Aluminum
    • Level of Play: Elite

    The Roll Line Killer Plates are a masterpiece of machinery and performance. The front kingpin angle is set at 18 degrees for a little added agility going into turns, jukes and transitions to give you an edge over the competition while the back 16 degree kingpin gives you power and stability through your stride.

    • Kingpin: 18° Front / 16° Rear
    • Material: Aircraft Aluminum
    • Level of Play: Elite

    Why we love it: Roll Line's plates are pieces of art. You may find us day dreaming about the Killer Plates but don't let that beauty overshadow the greatness of the Blaster. Some of the highest tech, best manufacturing you will find in derby.

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