Toe Stops

  • Gumball Superball Toe Stops feature a dual durometer stopper that is designed to provide the grip of a traditional Gumball combined with the durability of a harder stop. These huge stoppers offer one of the largest footprints on the market and the only stops with featuring dual durometer pours!

  • The Shock Stop is a high performance toe-stop made for roller derby. Featuring a large round flat surface for extra stability and control, the surface holes give extra bounce for jumping and quick starts. The hollow stem keeps things nice and light!


  • Featuring one of the industry's largest footprints at 60mm wide, the Mota Monster Stopper utilizes a non-marking formula that combines the best of grip and longevity. Cutaways ensure no wheel of any size will interfere and the 25mm stem has been hollowed out to keep it featherlight!

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    Colors: 2
  • Big Bloc Toe Stops are a super high-rebound rubber stop that fits all standard U.S. imperial threads. These toe stops have been designed with stability in mind and the rubber compound is long-lasting, extremely durable, & non-marking on all surfaces. The large 57mm footprint ensures maximum control!

  • Jupiter Toe Stops are the product of several years worth of research, development and testing - resulting in the best toe stop PowerDyne has ever created. Grippy natural rubber provides stability and predictable stopping power for fast stops, quick starts and everything in between.

  • Crazy's Bounce Toe Stops are a large tear-dropped stops made from a non-marking, durable rubber. The rounded shape allows for agile movements in any direction without fear of catching an edge while holes in the surface provide flex for extra rebound, allowing the Bounce to live up to its name!

  • The derby world's favorite toe stop just got better. Gumball Toe Stops now come with colored stem options and a redesigned stopper, making them the bee's knees 2.0! The stopper is now pre-angled so you don't have to cut, scrape or wear them down anymore! With more material, these babies will last longer for your skating pleasure!

  • Lil Bloc Toe Stops are a super high-rebound rubber stop that fits all standard US imperial threads. These toe stops have been designed with stability in mind and the rubber compound is long-lasting, extremely durable, and non-marking on all surfaces.

  • Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stops are formulated from a natural rubber compound designed for high level performance on or off the track. This variety features a flat footprint that emphasizes stability as well as starting and stopping power.

    Colors: 6
  • The Bionic Bigfoot Stopper puts a priority on performance like never before. The huge 59mm footprint has superior grip & rebound with a unique cut that ensures wheels up to 66mm in diameter will never rub! The bottom is pre-angled so there is no break-in period.

  • Sure-Grip Rx Toe Stops are just what the doctor ordered to maximize your stopping power. Developed by and for derby skaters but certainly suitable for all skating applications where excellent grip and rebound are needed.

    Colors: 6
  • Bionic Super Stoppers are appropriate for today’s high-performance roller sports and the demanding skater. Perfect for all skating surfaces, Bionic Super Stoppers have a good-sized footprint (47mm) for maximizing grip, stability and agility.

  • Crazy Skates Arrow Stoppers are a quality, non-marking toe stop that fits standard imperial (US) threads. Arrow Toe Stops are great for anyone looking to balance stability & agility with their toe stops and feature a flat, triangular-shaped footprint.

  • Bionic XS Toe Stops use a long lasting, non-marking rubber compound that provides excellent grip & stability. 30mm stem length.

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