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Plate Sizing Guide

Where to Start

Wheelbase Label

To start the sizing process, you will need to know what you are mounting to. From there you will want to know your true Men's shoe size and if possible, the wheelbase of your current plate. Many baseplates will have the wheelbase labeled in either inches or millimeters on its face or on the flat surface against the boot. If you can't find this number, you can measure it yourself!

Wheelbase Measurement

To get the wheelbase of your current plate, you will need to measure your assembled plate from the middle of the rear axle, to the middle of the front axle in centimeters and inches. This measurement is what is referred to as the wheelbase of the plate.

Sizing Charts

Sizing Chart

Each plate will have a sizing chart provided by the manufacture. The best way to use this chart is to take the wheelbase that you just found and find the plate size that has the corresponding wheelbase. Each manufacturer can have multiple sizing guides so it is important to make sure you are referencing the chart pertinent to your model. If there isn't an exact match to your wheelbase, choose the once which is closest.

Mounting Styles

Sizing charts (with the exception of Sure-Grip Avenger Chart) are intended for traditional, full mounting. If you want a short forward or sport mount you will need to adjust from the chart recommendation. Likewise, if you are switching from one of these mounts to a traditional mount you will need to adjust.

For help with these unique sizing issues: Contact Us

Once Your Package Arrives

Once your plate arrives, you can check your sizing by holding your plate up to the bottom of your boot. There should not be any overhang from front to back and you should have 4-10mm of spacing. If you are concerned about your plate being too big or small make sure you contact us BEFORE starting the mounting process.

If you are unsure about the sizing and mounting process feel free to use our Skate Builder feature! Just pick out what boot you need in the correct size and tell us what plate you want on it. We'll size it and mount it for you!

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